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Kate Steinle’s accused killer found not guilty of murder, to be deported
FOX News
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Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found not guilty Thursday of murdering Kate Steinle on Pier 14 in San Francisco in July 2015...

Zarate was acquitted of first and second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. He also was found not guilty of assault with a semi-automatic weapon. He was found guilty of possessing a firearm by a felon. The jury had deliberated for six days.

Steinle was walking with her father and a family friend in July 2015 when she was shot, collapsing into her father's arms. Zarate had been released from a San Francisco jail about three months before the...

Lawsuit Argues Jail's ICE Contract Violates Oregon Sanctuary Law
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A Wasco County Judge is set to hear arguments Wednesday about whether Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facilities, known as NORCOR, are violating Oregon’s sanctuary law.

In July, a group of Wasco County residents filed a lawsuit arguing NORCOR is violating a state statute.

ORS 181A.820 was passed more than 30 years ago. It prohibits using public money, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending people who whose only violation is being in the country unlawfully.

NORCOR has a lucrative contract to hold detainees who are in the custody of U.S...

Justice Department threatens to cut Oregon federal grant funds over immigration policies
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The U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday that the state of Oregon and Multnomah County are among so-called sanctuary jurisdictions that could lose public safety grants unless they prove they don't have laws and policies that allow withholding information from immigration agents.

A preliminary review found that sections of Multnomah County Sheriff's Office policy, a state statute and a recently signed state law that expands sanctuary protections could violate federal law, the Justice Department said in letters requesting a response by Dec. 8.

The state and county must prove...

Most California sheriffs fiercely opposed the 'sanctuary state' law. Soon they'll have to implement it
Los Angeles Times
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Two years ago, as others in California were limiting cooperation with federal immigration agents, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department welcomed them into its jail.

Sheriff Margaret Mims gave U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement unrestricted access to databases and private rooms to interview inmates. She reorganized release times so agents could easily pick up people who had served their sentences.

The policy sparked outrage among immigrant rights groups, who called it a pipeline from incarceration to immigrant detention, one that they said disproportionately and...

Is it just a coincidence? Do counties with sanctuary cities have higher crime rates?
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For virtually every crime, there is at least one victim - a fact that shouldn't be ignored. 

Do cities that choose to ignore Federal Immigration Law and intentionally do not cooperate with ICE tend to attract a more dangerous element to their communities.  The crime reports prepared by David Olen Cross, would seem to indicate they do.


Oregon’s Marion County first in foreign...

A Few Words from Your Local Sheriffs...
Federation for American Immigration Reform
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Despite President Obama's claims, not all law enforcement supports his immigration non-enforcement policies. Local sheriffs across the country have been forced to deal with dangerous criminal aliens and their impact on communities nationwide.

“To have literally millions of people in the country with absolutely no identity and no background checks as to their potential criminal past makes a mockery out of our criminal justice system and puts our citizens and our institutions, including our schools, at risk.”
—Sheriff Donald Smith


California Sheriffs Call on Congress to Stop Their ‘Sanctuary’ State
Law enforcement: New law could provide safe harbor to MS-13
The Washington Free Beacon
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California’s sheriffs are calling on the GOP-controlled Congress to intervene and pass a federal law to change the state’s sanctuary state status, warning the law that ties their hands too tightly will only increase the chances of another high-profile tragedy.

The sanctuary state law, which Gov. Jerry Brown (D.) signed Thursday but doesn't go into effect until January...

It would also make it a crime to enforce federal immigration laws on the premises of all schools, hospitals, libraries, and courthouses in state, which is home to an estimated two million immigrants....

OPB reports: Fight Over Oregon's 'Sanctuary Law' Brings Immigration Policy Battle To The NW
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At a booth at the recent state fair in Salem, people waited in line at a booth for Oregonians for Immigration Reform to sign the group’s proposed ballot measure to repeal Oregon’s so-called “sanctuary law.”

Cynthia Kendoll, the group’s president, said this new measure is attracting more intense interest than its previous attempts to discourage illegal immigration.

“This is something that people are truly really concerned about,” said Kendoll, “and I have just been amazed here at the state fair that people walk up and say, ‘Just let me sign this. I am so sick of this.’”

Fact Sheet: Donald J. Trump and Attorney General Sessions Stand Up Against Lawless Sanctuary Cities
“It’s time to support our police, to protect our families, a
The White House
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PROTECTING AMERICANS NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE: Today, Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions delivered remarks outlining the danger of sanctuary policies, and the Trump Administration’s efforts to bring law and order to America’s communities.

Today, AG Sessions delivered a speech in Miami-Dade County regarding the county’s reversal of sanctuary city policies shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. In February, after President Trump made it clear he would not stand for lawlessness in the country’s immigration system, Miami-Dade County reversed its years-long sanctuary city...
It’s Time to Stop Sanctuary Cities and Counties
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On Wednesday in Miami, Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised the recent decision of Miami-Dade County to end its sanctuary policy. At the same time, he criticized Chicago’s sanctuary policy and its filing of a federal lawsuit against the Justice Department in the wake of the Department’s denial of federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary jurisdictions.
It’s been a long time coming. Sanctuary cities didn’t start in the 2010s. They didn’t start in the 2000s either. They started in the 1980s, with the most notorious case being San Francisco, which enacted its “City and...