Honoring our heritage

News-Register, McMinnville

Tom Henderson’s “Only Nazis get to be Nazis” commentary in the Feb. 16 News-Register was way out of line. There is no comparison to the United States, or to Oregon, in any manner.

I remember all too well the gold stars in the windows during the World War II years. I also remember well the reports of the U.S. forces storming the shores of distant places, and the price that was paid. And I remember the effort to supply human and material support, coming at great sacrifice.

Tom Henderson should not equate the United States and Nazism even in the slightest way.

The people of the United States gave so much to defeat Germany and Japan, and then helped them recover. It would be a good education for his son.
As to the sanctuary cities issue, just put it to a vote of the people of Oregon. That would be the democratic way to resolve the issue. That would bring us together and tell us what the people of Oregon expect.

Overstaying visas, which he glosses over, is not a minor offense. Those who do so are just thumbing their noses at our laws. They know exactly what they are doing.

It should not be considered an OK way to gain entrance and remain in this country. Those who want to stay in our country need to get busy and properly apply for citizenship. They need to work to keep this country the great place that it is.

John W. Englebrecht, McMinnville

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