Voters should rule on sanctuary cities

Portland Tribune

Oregon has always had its share of maverick politicians in public office, whether on the local scene or nationally, whether Democrat or Republican. While reading "Wheeler blasts Trump, boycotts White House talk" (Jan. 30), I found a statement in the article that drew my attention.

When it comes to the issue of sanctuary states or cities, the mayor was quoted as stating, "It demonstrates a lack of a moral compass in the leadership of the United States of America."

The same could be said for the mayor of this city, as well as some state governors who feel compelled to ignore federal law by going about doing their own thing in defiance, thus illustrating a lack of a moral compass in the leadership of their city or state government.

I don't recall the citizens of this city or state voting on implementing "sanctuary cities" or "sanctuary state" in Oregon. Before we get too indignant about forming such an entity, shouldn't voters have a say in this issue?


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