Multimedia, video, and audio on Oregon Measure 105 and Sanctuary policies

Vote YES – to REPEAL Oregon Sanctuary Law!


Listen to Sheriff Tom Bergin's 30 second statement supporting Measure 105. Read Sheriff Bersin's endorsement letter.

Listen to a 30 second explanation of Measure 105.

Listen to a 30 second explanation of the importance of Measure 105.

Cynthia Kendoll: Why Should Oregonians Vote To Get Rid Of Sanctuary Status (M105)?, the Lars Larson show, October 10, 2018. (14 minutes)

Cynthia Kendoll – Now That IP-22 Is On The Ballot, What’s The Next Step In Getting This Passed?, the Lars Larson show, July 18, 2018. If you wonder about all of the racist accusations, listen to this 7 minute interview!

Kendoll: "All we're trying to do is allow people to have a say. If our state is going to implement policies, our citizens should be able to weigh in on that. Basically, they legislate immigration law, and then hand us the tax bill...

Name calling is just about all our opponents have at this point."


Find out why you should VOTE YES on Measure 105 to Repeal Oregon's Sanctuary Law in the November, 2018 election. Here are highlights from the townhall debate: Should Oregon Repeal Its Status as a Sanctuary State? Cynthia Kendoll and Rep. Greg Barreto debate Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Andrea Williams, CASSA. Portland State University October 15, 2018. (11 minutes)


Watch these 30 second videos about Yes on Measure 105. No group should be shielded from our laws.



 Sanctuary CitiesVideo: Immigration Brief: Sanctuary Cities, by Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies, November 5, 2017. (2.5 minutes)

Video: Sanctuary Cities: A Threat to Public Safety, Testimony of Jessica Vaughan, Center for Immigration Studies, United States House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, July 23, 2015. (4 minutes)


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