What Makes Oregon a Sanctuary State for Illegal Aliens?

Measure 105 is not about racial profiling, or about fear of the police, or about legal immigrants. It is about allowing state and local law enforcement officers to more easily work with federal immigration authorities in the removal of criminal illegal aliens from our communities.

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Over 30 years ago the Oregon Legislature passed a well-intentioned statute (ORS 181A.820) to help stop racial profiling in the public arena and in law enforcement.

Unfortunately, this statute has morphed into a mechanism to shield people who are in the country illegally from immigration law enforcement. Specifically, the statute limits (with exceptions) the use of state and local law enforcement money, equipment and personnel for "detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law" pertains to their immigration status.

Being in the country illegally often leads to other crimes such as using fradulent or stolen ID in order to work, rent an apartment or to access entitlement programs.

Read the official full text of Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820, which Ballot Measure 105 will allow voters to repeal (the full text of the original statute is in italics).

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What about Sanctuary Cities?

While Oregon's statute declares the entire state to be a sanctuary for illegal aliens, many individual cities and local jurisdictions outside of Oregon have declared themselves Sanctuary Cities, and many as well have declared that they are not Sanctuary Cities.

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