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Fact Sheet: Donald J. Trump and Attorney General Sessions Stand Up Against Lawless Sanctuary Cities
“It’s time to support our police, to protect our families, a
The White House
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PROTECTING AMERICANS NO MATTER WHERE THEY LIVE: Today, Attorney General (AG) Jeff Sessions delivered remarks outlining the danger of sanctuary policies, and the Trump Administration’s efforts to bring law and order to America’s communities.

Today, AG Sessions delivered a speech in Miami-Dade County regarding the county’s reversal of sanctuary city policies shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. In February, after President Trump made it clear he would not stand for lawlessness in the country’s immigration system, Miami-Dade County reversed its years-long sanctuary city...
It’s Time to Stop Sanctuary Cities and Counties
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On Wednesday in Miami, Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised the recent decision of Miami-Dade County to end its sanctuary policy. At the same time, he criticized Chicago’s sanctuary policy and its filing of a federal lawsuit against the Justice Department in the wake of the Department’s denial of federal law enforcement grants to sanctuary jurisdictions.
It’s been a long time coming. Sanctuary cities didn’t start in the 2010s. They didn’t start in the 2000s either. They started in the 1980s, with the most notorious case being San Francisco, which enacted its “City and...

Sanctuary For Whom?
Huffington Post
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President Donald Trump issued an executive order to stop subsidizing cities which obstruct immigration law. Chicago filed suit in response. Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to continue collecting federal dollars while ignoring federal policy.

Chicago is a “sanctuary city.” That sounds nice, kind of like Oscar Schindler protecting Jews from the Nazis. It actually means protecting illegal aliens who commit crimes from being punished and deported. When President Donald Trump took office, some 300 jurisdictions, including 106 cities, actively interfered with federal law enforcement.

When facts are stubborn things.
FrontPage Magazine

Threats to Americans posed by international terrorists and violent transnational gangs have increased in recent years. In addition, recent congressional hearings have highlighted the extreme levels of violence faced by members of America's ethnic immigrant communities at the hands of gangs, such as MS-13, due to border security and immigration law enforcement failures. Nevertheless, mayors of “Sanctuary Cities” continue to shield illegal aliens -- and the foreign criminals and terrorists among them -- from detection, with some now filing lawsuits against the Trump administration in...

The political motives behind sanctuary city "generosity"
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The leaders of so-called “sanctuary cities”—cities that shield illegal immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—often praise the values of tolerance, diversity, and charity for their unwillingness to assist federal law enforcement in removing undocumented individuals who have committed crimes. But the money and power that illegal immigrants bring to those cities’ elites tells a different story.

In response to liberal enclaves such as Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California that continue to thwart efforts by ICE to deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes...

Sanctuary Cities and the Rule of Law
The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection
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Earlier this week, the Trump Department of Justice told the mayor of Chicago that it would cease funding grants to the Chicago Police Department that had been approved in the Obama administration because Chicago city officials were not cooperating with federal immigration officials.

The DOJ contended that Chicago officials were contributing to lawlessness by refusing to inform the feds of the whereabouts of undocumented foreign-born people, thereby creating what the feds derisively call a “sanctuary city,” and Chicago officials have...

Forget California, Oregon Is The Foremost ‘Sanctuary State’ In The US
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POST NOTE:  Lifelong Oregonians most likely don't doubt any of the excellent points made in this article.  It's just nice to finally see them in print!


California frequently comes to mind when people think of the one state pushing back hardest against the Trump administration’s immigration agenda.

With its massive Hispanic immigrant population, outspoken big-city mayors, and Democratic-dominated government, it attracts the lion’s share of media attention as an exemplar of a sanctuary state. But for all of its pro-immigration, anti-Trump bona fides,...

Man accused of attacking 2 women in NE Portland now faces 27-count indictment
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A Multnomah County grand jury has returned a 27-count indictment against Sergio Jose Martinez, who is accused of attacking two women in Northeast Portland last week.

Martinez, described as a "serial immigration violator,'' is accused of sexually assaulting a 65-year-old woman July 24 after entering her Northeast Irving Street apartment through an open window, threatening her with a metal rod, tying her up with scarves and socks, punching her then escaping with her car.

Hours later, he's accused of attacking another woman at knife point...

He forced the 37-year-old...


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