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Umatilla County sheriff explains support of Measure 105 to Hispanic Advisory Committee
East Oregonian
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After signing a letter of support for repealing Oregon’s sanctuary status, Umatilla County Sheriff Terry Rowan explained his views on Measure 105 to Hermiston’s Hispanic Advisory Committee on Monday.

Measure 105, which will appear on November’s ballot statewide, would repeal an Oregon law on the books since 1987 that forbids city, county and state law enforcement agencies from using their resources for “detecting or apprehending” people whose only violation of the law is being in the country without documentation.

Rowan said he is not interested in using the Umatilla...

Nike, Columbia Sportswear CEOs make personal statements opposing sanctuary law repeal
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The chief executives of Nike and Columbia Sportswear, two of the biggest companies in the state, have each written personally to express their opposition to an initiative that would repeal Oregon's sanctuary state law.

Each submitted statements of opposition to the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet to Measure 105...

Nike and Columbia Sportswear, among other companies, had previously expressed opposition to the measure...

"Nike employs people from all over the world; we can attest to the unique value, contributions, and innovations that people from diverse backgrounds add to...

Nike Fighting to Keep Oregon a ‘Sanctuary State’ After Illegal Alien Kills Young Couple
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The multinational Nike corporation — accused of employing slave labor — is fighting to keep Oregon a “sanctuary state” for all illegal aliens less than a month after an illegal alien has been accused of killing a young couple in a drunk driving car crash.

In a statement this week, Nike CEO Mark Parker announced the corporation’s opposition to a statewide measure that would repeal Oregon’s sanctuary state law that has protected criminal illegal aliens for three decades.

Parker wrote in a statement:

Nike employs people from all over the world; we can attest to the...

More Needless Deaths at the Hands of an Illegal Alien, and an Oregon Ballot Initiative
Center for Immigration Studies

Andrew Selsky of the Associated Press has written an article appearing in a number of newspapers titled "Crime by foreigners fuels sanctuary state debate in Oregon".

The lead-in to the story describes an Oregon couple traveling on their motorbike on the streets of Salem, the state capital, who were killed when an inebriated illegal alien from Mexico is purported to have crashed into them with the weight of a truck carrying a loaded horse trailer. Selsky goes on to tie the tragedy to an upcoming petition-driven ballot initiative to repeal the Oregon sanctuary law. He writes:...

Respect is indispensable - Guest Editorial
Lake County Examiner LCE
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In my third-of-a-century in law enforcement – which includes almost 14 years as Sheriff of Clatsop County – the most important thing I’ve learned is this: Respect for the law, among citizens and noncitizens alike, is indispensable to a free society.

That’s why I urge Oregonians, in November, to vote “yes” on Ballot Measure 105 and repeal the State’s Illegal-Immigrant sanctuary statute.

The statute undermines respect for law in significant ways. It tells illegal immigrants that Oregon considers immigration-law violations so inconsequential as to be unworthy of police and...

18 Oregon sheriffs back measure to repeal sanctuary status
Including Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson
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Fifty percent of sheriffs in Oregon said they support a ballot initiative that would repeal the state's sanctuary status.
By Monday, fifteen sheriffs added their names to a letter by Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin that urged voters to vote yes on Measure 105 in November, including Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

Nelson confirmed to NewsChannel 21 on Tuesday that Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins and Wallowa County Sheriff Steve Rogers also had now signed the letter.

Oregon, which has 36 counties, became America's...

Sixteen Oregon Sheriffs endorse YES on Measure 105 effort
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Great News!  The YES on Measure 105 campaign has received the endorsement of sixteen of Oregon's great Sheriffs.

Opponents of the YES on Measure 105 campaign claim to have the support of law enforcemnt.  However, more Sheriffs support our effort to REPEAL Oregon's Sanctuary Law.  Some Sheriffs have chosen to remain neutral. 

Only a handful of Sheriffs support our opponents - often as the Sheriffs of counties with sanctuary policies.

Respect for the rule of law is indespensible to a free society.

Vote YES to REPEAL Oregon's Sanctuary Law!


Oregon needs to take care of its own residents first
Statesman Journal

A sanctuary is a place of refuge. It is not a place for criminals or illegal people. If you come into my house without my permission, you are here illegally. That means you are a trespasser and trespassing is illegal.

Do not sneak into my domain and expect me to help you. Lady Liberty says: "Give me your sick, your elderly, your infirm." She does not say: "Sneak into my country and i will help you." I have nothing against immigrants per say. We are all immigrants to an extent as this country was formed by immigrants. It is the trespassers  I have a problem with. How do we know...

Measure to repeal Oregon’s Sanctuary Law Committee earns place on 2018 Ballot
The Chronicle
News article

The measure, which has garnered national attention, will give voters the chance to repeal Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820, the state's illegal-immigrant sanctuary law.

On July 17, after more than a week of required signature review by the Oregon Secretary of State's Elections officials, the committee learned that the initiative has earned a place on the November 2018 General Election ballot, according to a press release from Oregonians for Immigration Reform reported.

Over two weeks ago, the Repeal Oregon's Sanctuary Law Committee announced it had submitted enough signatures...

Oregon Will Vote On Ending Sanctuary State Status In November
Daily Caller
News article

The state of Oregon will vote for an initiative to eliminate the state’s sanctuary status for illegal immigrants in November after the petition passed the necessary signature requirement to get on the ballot earlier this week.

Initiative Petition 22 needed slightly over 88,000 votes to qualify for the ballot and it reached that benchmark. The voters will now decide if they want to keep or eliminate the 31-year old mandate.

We’ve completed verification on IP 2018-022 with a 95.3% validity rate and it has qualified to appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot. IP 22’s ballot...


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