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Despite President Obama's claims, not all law enforcement supports his immigration non-enforcement policies. Local sheriffs across the country have been forced to deal with dangerous criminal aliens and their impact on communities nationwide.

“To have literally millions of people in the country with absolutely no identity and no background checks as to their potential criminal past makes a mockery out of our criminal justice system and puts our citizens and our institutions, including our schools, at risk.”
—Sheriff Donald Smith

The Sheriffs

Sheriff Donald Smith
Putnam County, NY

Sheriff Donald Smith


Sheriff Mike Chapman
Loudoun County, VA

Sheriff Mike Chapman


Sheriff Sam Page
Rockingham County, NC

Sheriff Sam Page


Sheriff Ana Franklin
Morgan County, AL

Sheriff Ana Franklin

“The Federal leadership has encouraged illegal aliens to come to America and to stay without any fear of deportation through their messaging and policy...The President and every Congressman took an Oath to protect and defend this Nation. We need to hold them to their solemn obligation.”
—Sheriff Sam Page


What Can You Do?

  • Contact your local Sheriff and ask them to join with their colleagues in demanding that the federal government carry out its responsibility to enforce our immigration laws. (Download a sample letter.)
  • Find your local Sheriff on the National Sheriffs Association member directory.
  • Contact FAIR's Law Enforcement Relations Manager, Bob Najmulski to find out how you can get involved with sheriffs in your community.
  • Sign the petition to END SANCTUARY CITIES.

“Open borders...not only allow those ‘innocent’ good hard working families that would otherwise be desirable assets to our country, it also allows an ease of truly dangerous criminals to flow in and out of our country to freely commit crimes against both American citizens and to victimize and engulf those immigrants into criminal enterprise and trafficking crimes.”
—Sheriff Ana Franklin


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