I’m going to vote yes on Measure 105


I’m going to vote yes on Measure 105, to end the Oregon sanctuary law.

The Legislature was greatly in error in not sending the sanctuary law to the voters in the first place, as it raises a statewide issue. It’s a law that ignores and conflicts with federal immigration law, so isn’t good for our country.

The quickest way for any society or country to deteriorate into chaos is to create conflict among laws at various levels of government. People ignore one set of laws, then another, and just wink at laws as they see fit. The result is the lawlessness you see in some nearby countries.

Amnesty after amnesty has been offered those who come into our country illegally and just ignore our laws. The sanctuary law doesn’t provide protection from federal agents, but certainly makes it very difficult for them to do their job.

Those who immigrate legally have done so with honor. They deserve to be permitted to reside in this country, where they have always been welcome.

President Kennedy once offered words to this effect: “If you disagree with a law, that doesn’t mean you can disobey that law.” He used them as a basis for enforcing the right of African Americans to attend colleges in the South.

By enacting a sanctuary law, we are ignoring federal immigration law. To accomplish their intent, sanctuary supporters would need to change federal immigration law.

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