A necessary update


The News-Register’s editorial of Sept. 28 rejects Measure 105, claiming, “It’s passage would turn back the clock three decades in Oregon.” But sometimes outdated laws need to be repealed to cope with changing conditions.

Few things in Oregon or the U.S. are today as they were in 1987. Today, the U.S. has millions of illegal aliens and struggles to control immigration. So Oregon should stop hampering cooperation between local law and federal law enforcement authorities.

Measure 105 does not turn police into ICE agents, as open-border advocates falsely charge. It just enables better cooperation, which is direly needed.

Sanctuary policies for illegal aliens encourage illegal immigration and destroy the value of citizenship. If anyone in the world can ignore our immigration laws, come to the U.S. and settle here with his extended family, we no longer have a nation.

Citizenship becomes meaningless. What we have left is just a geographic area in total chaos, both environmentally and socially.

Vote yes on Measure 105 and bring Oregon’s law enforcement policies into the new century. See the Stop Oregon Sanctuaries website for more reasons to vote yes.

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